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Items excluded from Packages:

Babies First Year

For your convenience, we have provided product prices. These are provided to help you decide which Package is best for you or if you want to buy a la carte. 


Price per print:
5x7 and smaller - $15.00

8 wallets $20.00

8x10 - $25.00

10x13 - $50.00

11x14 - $60.00

16x20 - $100.00

20x24 - $175.00

20x30 - $250.00

30x40 - $400.00

Digital File(s) - A minimum of $300 must be met before the sale of any digital files.

$50 per individual file for 200 resolution, 

$100 per individual file for 300 resolution. (Extreme Sports and Montages are not available in digital file form.)


Gallery Canvas Wraps:

11x14 - $150.00

16x20 - $200.00

   Please contact us for larger sizes.


Accordion Mini Book
You get 3 books!
Wallet size (up to 14 images) - $100
3"x3" square size (Up to 10 Images) -  $100
For a photo on the book cover (front and back) add $20

Presentation Book

Books come standard with photo cover, 20 sides and "lay flat" rigid pages.
Cover size measurements and starting prices

6x6 Square $250

8x8 square $300

5x7 Landscape $250

6x8 Landscape $275

10x10 square $400

11x8 Landscape $400

12x12 square $450

11x14 Landscape $500

7x5 Portrait $250

8x6 Portrait $275

11x8 Portrait $400

14x11 Portrait $500

Additional 2 pages  $30


For additional cover styles and finishes please contact us. 

Drone Work

Price starts at $200


The Ultimate Santa Experience!

$300 ($50 deposit due at time of booking)



YES, We accept credit cards! Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover

Prices posted are before taxes. 

All prices subject to change 


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