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How To Order

Send us your order via email.   
You may call with questions at:  816-985-0605

or email at: 
For pricing click here 

When you order be sure to give:
   •Image number:  (To get the number click on the picture  you like with in the                collage of your gallery and a larger version will appear, the number is located              below the large version of the image)
   •Size : (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 16x20 etc.)
   •Style:  if wanted other than as shown (color, black, white sepia tone.                             Most  but not all are available all styles.  Any pictures with added  special effects         will have an additional charge. For more information please contact

      Latterell Photography
   • Number of copies.
   • Please have your order in within 2 weeks of their posting.  

      Proofs will be removed one  month after posting date. 

Company policy information 

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